National Health Commission: novel coronavirus vaccination, refuse compulsory binding!

guide   Language firmly put an end to the binding of two code joint query and compulsory vaccination! Recently, the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference to introduce the situation of further epidemic prevention and control and vaccination.

No.1    The novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control bureau is Wu Liangyou’s deputy director of the disease control bureau.

The introduction of vaccination is an effective means to prevent and control the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic.

Recently, the situation of national epidemic prevention and control is grim and complicated.

In order to effectively control the spread of the epidemic, COVID-19 has accelerated the vaccination rhythm of all the provinces.

However, some places have introduced some restrictive measures to speed up vaccination.

In some areas, people who have not been vaccinated with the novel coronavirus vaccine are not allowed to enter supermarkets, hospitals, stations and other key public places, and students are refused to enter the school.

In some areas, some units have organized personnel to vaccinate in other places.

These practices violate the principle of vaccination and cause inconvenience to the masses.

In view of this kind of situation, the comprehensive group of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council has specially held a video conference to require all localities to correct this phenomenon in time.

In accordance with the principle of knowing, consent, voluntarily and seeking truth from facts, we should carry out the vaccination of COVID-19, and emphasize that we must be strict and prudent in the introduction of vaccination policies and measures.

We must conscientiously assess and ensure that the safety bottom line is strictly adhered to according to the law.

Recently, some areas have implemented the measures of joint inspection of health code and vaccination code.

Its main purpose is to effectively find the non vaccinated population as much as possible, and advocate that the personnel without contraindications should be vaccinated in time to better protect everyone’s health.

Next, the National Health Commission will guide all localities to make good use of the measures of two code joint inspection, and resolutely put an end to the binding of two code joint inspection and compulsory vaccination.

At the same time, actively publicize the important role of vaccination.

No.2    In the case of cross regional vaccination needs, the public can obtain paper certificates from the vaccination units for the problem that no Internet users can reflect the vaccination records after cross regional mobility.

Wu Liangyou, deputy director of the state health protection committee, Disease Control Bureau, said that the joint defense and joint control mechanism of the state Council attached great importance to the novel coronavirus virus vaccination work, so as to improve the convenience of the trans regional vaccination for mobile workers.

In the early stage, the National Health Commission has asked all localities to coordinate and cooperate to do a good job in the management of vaccination information across regions.

At the same time, the vaccination units are required to provide vaccination certificates for the vaccinators in time after completing the vaccination, and the people can complete the seed renewal according to the vaccination certificates.

At the same time, the National Health Commission is also actively promoting the interconnection of the national immunization planning information system, focusing on solving the problem of inconsistent data standards, removing obstacles to data exchange, and providing convenience for all localities to integrate vaccination information into health code management.

For areas where the inter provincial interconnection of vaccination information has not yet been realized, Wu Liangyou said that the public should provide the paper certificate issued by the vaccination unit when vaccinating the follow-up vaccine, and vaccinate the follow-up vaccine according to the record of the paper certificate.

If you have cross regional vaccination needs, it is recommended to ask the vaccination unit for the first dose of vaccine in time and properly keep the paper version of the vaccination certificate.

No.3    China’s 5 technology lines have achieved full coverage of all clinical trials, and Zheng Zhongwei, director of the special research team on vaccine research and development, and director of the national science and technology development center of the national health and Health Committee, introduced 5 technical routes from the beginning of the outbreak to promote COVID-19’s vaccine research and development center.

So far, all vaccines of the five technical routes have achieved full coverage of clinical trials.

Zheng Zhongwei further introduced that three inactivated vaccines have been approved by the State Food and Drug Administration for conditional listing, and two have been approved by the State Food and Drug Administration for emergency use.

One of the recombinant protein vaccines has been approved by the State Food and Drug Administration for emergency use.

At present, three are in phase III clinical trials and five are in phase I and II clinical trials.

One adenovirus vector vaccine has been approved by the State Food and Drug Administration for conditional listing, and three are undergoing phase I and II clinical trials.

Phase II clinical trials of attenuated influenza virus vector vaccine are under way, and phase III clinical trials abroad have been prepared.

China’s nucleic acid vaccine has an mRNA vaccine and a DNA vaccine respectively.

Recently, they have obtained the approval of foreign phase III clinical trials.

It is expected that phase III clinical trials will be carried out abroad in the near future.

No.4   During the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day holidays, China did not advocate gathering and gathering.

Wang Huaqing, chief expert of China’s CDC immunization program, introduced this.

Under the current severe situation of COVID-19 worldwide, the pressure of external input is still very great.

Remind the public to tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control during travel and maintain a certain vigilance.

In addition, gathering and gathering are not encouraged during holidays, especially large-scale gathering is not allowed.

Wang Huaqing reminded the public to understand the epidemic prevention and control level of the destination before travel.

If it is a medium and high-risk area, they can’t go.

If the public is in a medium and high-risk area, they can’t go.

Everyone should do a good job in personal protection during travel, and abide by the epidemic prevention and control measures of wearing masks, washing hands frequently, maintaining hand hygiene, maintaining social distance, not getting together and not gathering.

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