New citizens of Henan Province: Zhengzhou starts the centralized vaccination of the second dose of Xinguan vaccine for adolescents

On September 7, the second dose of Xinguan vaccine for adolescents aged 12 ~ 17 in Zhengzhou started centralized vaccination.

According to the deployment, the centralized vaccination plan of the second dose of vaccine for teenagers in the provincial capital will be completed before September 15, reminding teenagers who meet the vaccination conditions to complete the second dose of vaccine in time accompanied by their guardians.

Disease control experts say that timely vaccination of young people will help young people get immunity against COVID-19 and is of great significance for the establishment of immune barrier.

Therefore, since September 7, adolescents with an interval of more than 21 days between the first dose of vaccination and the second dose of vaccination can be vaccinated at designated groups or at nearby vaccination sites according to the requirements of the school notice.

According to regulations, people aged 12-17 should be accompanied by a guardian when vaccinating, and an informed consent signed by the guardian should be provided; Before vaccination, the vaccination doctor should be informed of the child’s contraindications and allergy history.

After vaccination, stay on the site for 30 minutes.

If you feel unwell, contact the on-site medical staff in time.

What are the precautions for the second dose of vaccination for minors? Experts from the provincial CDC said that the novel coronavirus vaccine for minors is inactivated vaccine, which needs to be vaccinated with 2 doses at an interval of 3 ~ 8 weeks.

During vaccination, if you can’t vaccinate at the same vaccination point, the vaccinated person can choose different vaccination points, but can show the first vaccination information to ensure that it is the same vaccine.

In case of special circumstances such as the continuous supply of vaccines and the vaccination of recipients in different places, and the vaccination cannot be completed with the same vaccine product, the vaccination can be completed with the vaccine products of other manufacturers of the same kind.

If there are adverse reactions after the first injection, can we continue to inoculate the second injection? Experts said that after the first injection, slight reactions, such as fever, inoculation site pain, slight rash, fatigue, and so on, most of them will recover spontaneously in a short time.

These adverse reactions, which belong to the normal range, can be vaccinated with second needles on COVID-19.

After the first injection of COVID-19 vaccine, if there is a serious allergic reaction, it should be reported in time.

After the diagnosis of the abnormal reaction investigation, the diagnosis of the expert group is considered to be related to vaccination.

If the vaccine is taboo, it is not recommended to continue to vaccinate second needles.

In addition, recently, if the child has a cold and suffers from upper respiratory tract infection, it belongs to the contraindication of the novel coronavirus vaccine during the medication period, and the vaccination of the novel coronavirus vaccine is postponed.

Editor: Henan new citizen cultural exchange center   Liang Yongzhi..