Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control guidelines for prevention and control of key places


Reserve epidemic prevention materials such as masks, hand sanitizers and disinfectants, formulate emergency work plans, implement the main responsibilities of the unit, and strengthen personnel health training.

2、   Staff shall receive all vaccines, and pay attention to personal protection after vaccination.

Establish a staff health monitoring system, register the health status of staff every day, and seek medical treatment in time in case of suspicious symptoms.


Temperature detection and health code verification shall be carried out for customers, online distributors and other personnel entering the restaurant (Hall).

Only those with normal temperature and health code can enter.


Ensure effective ventilation.

When the temperature is appropriate, natural ventilation shall be adopted as far as possible to strengthen indoor air circulation.

If the central air conditioner is used, the equipment shall be checked before opening to ensure normal operation, and a certain distance shall be maintained between the fresh air inlet and exhaust outlet   Clean the cooling tower and keep the fresh air outlet clean; During operation, operate with the maximum fresh air volume, strengthen the sanitary management of cooling water and condensate, and regularly clean, disinfect or replace air supply outlets and other equipment and components.


Clean and disinfect the surfaces of high-frequency contact objects such as cashier, elevator, public toilet and door handle.


Keep the lobby and elevator entrance clean and tidy, and clean up the garbage in time.


The public toilet shall be equipped with sufficient hand sanitizer to ensure the normal operation of water supply facilities such as faucet; If possible, quick drying hand disinfectant or inductive hand disinfection equipment can be equipped at the elevator entrance, cashier, etc.

8, promote the serving of individual dishes, and provide the public chopsticks for the restaurants.

It is recommended that the dining time should not exceed two hours.


Meals taken by customers or sent out should be sealed and sealed, and the use of sealing labels is advocated.

If there is no seal, disposable and unrecoverable materials can be used for closed packaging to prevent contamination of meals during transportation.


“One meter line” shall be set in the front desk, cashier, meal pick-up, waiting area and other areas to promote customers and other personnel to keep a safe distance.

Strictly control the flow density and the number of people entering the store to match the number of meals, and do not cause the gathering of ordering, waiting and waiting personnel.

Advocate the establishment of customer reservation system, reasonably arrange the time of customers to the store and avoid personnel gathering.

Promote non-contact ordering and checkout.

11、   The staff shall keep their work clothes clean, pay attention to personal hygiene, and conduct hand hygiene in time.

They shall avoid touching their mouth, eyes and nose with unclean hands.

When sneezing or coughing, they shall cover their mouth and nose with paper towels or cover their elbows and arms.


During the working period, the staff, online distributors and other personnel shall wear medical surgical masks or masks of higher level throughout the process; Customers wear disposable medical masks, medical surgical masks or masks with protection grade above.

When the mask is wet or dirty, replace it in time.

13, strengthen the novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control knowledge propaganda through posters, electronic screens and publicity columns.


When novel coronavirus pneumonia cases are confirmed, suspected cases and asymptomatic infections, local disinfection should be carried out under the guidance of local disease control and prevention institutions, and the cleaning and disinfection of air conditioning and ventilation systems can be re activated after hygienic assessment.

Source: Shandong CDC   Institute of health education and promotion..