Novel coronavirus vaccination, nucleic acid sampling work change reminder, please check! (no vaccination this morning)

The initiative to vaccinated COVID-19 as soon as possible! The latest vaccination 17 questions, related to the elderly! Appendix: how much do you know about the benefits of COVID-19 vaccine popular science manual (Fourth Edition)? Novel coronavirus pneumonia helps prevent novel coronavirus pneumonia.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia helps prevent serious illness.

Protect you, people you love, and those around you may help to establish a safe protection mechanism.

Since vaccination benefits so much and benefits both the country and the people, come and vaccinate quickly! Novel coronavirus vaccine schedule vaccine type Beijing / Changchun / Chengdu Biology Wuhan biology Beijing Kexing Anhui Zhifei first needle no no no second needle no need no need no interval time 21 days 21 days 28 days novel coronavirus vaccine vaccination time: 8:00-11:3014:30-17:00 (suspended for half a day due to other business conflicts on the morning of September 10, please know!) ☆   Nucleic acid sampling work arrangement   ☆ time: 14:30-16:30 pm every Tuesday and Friday location: warm tips on the first floor of Chaoyang central traditional Chinese Medicine Museum       1.

Please wear a mask, show your health code and travel code, and cooperate to measure your temperature.


Minors aged 12-17 and persons aged 60 and above are free of appointment vaccination! Minors can be vaccinated only after their guardian carries their ID card, child ID card or household register and signs a paper informed consent on site     3.

Residents ≥ 65 years old, please take this year’s physical examination form to the chronic disease department on the right side of the first floor of the center to measure blood pressure, and the staff of the chronic disease department will guide the vaccination.

If you do not have this year’s physical examination report, please take your ID card, participate in the physical examination on an empty stomach, and vaccinate with the physical examination report.


Avoid fasting vaccination, stay for observation for half an hour after vaccination, prohibit drinking within a week after vaccination, and avoid strenuous exercise.

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