Novel coronavirus vaccine and influenza vaccination notice

1、 Novel coronavirus vaccine: the first shot can be inoculated over the age of 12, and the second shot can be inoculated after 21 days of the first shot (the first shot before August 18).

When you come, you need to hold your ID card, and minors need to be accompanied by a guardian.

In order to protect yourself and your family and establish an immune barrier, please be sure to vaccinate the epidemic crown vaccine in the whole process.

2、 Influenza vaccination in 2021: the 2021 influenza vaccine can be vaccinated now, two weeks apart from the novel coronavirus vaccine, and can be vaccinated simultaneously with the pneumonia vaccine to increase the protective effect.

Children aged 6 months to 35 months and people over 3 years old can be vaccinated.

3、 Tel: 6591353..