On September 10, Xiamen Xinguan vaccination site was announced! At the beginning of school season, please check the “little glasses”

Attention!! On September 10, the opening of Xinguan vaccination site ↓↓ (click the picture to view the large picture) offer your “help” to establish the national immunization barrier as soon as possible.

Xinguan vaccination appointment registration scan the QR code below.

Recently, everyone is enthusiastic about vaccination.

In order to avoid congestion and long queue, please make an appointment in advance! Make an appointment! Make an appointment! Staggered peak vaccination#   Note:  # In principle, vaccination sites not marked with red characters only vaccinate people over the age of 18.

Due to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, the daily vaccination location will be adjusted according to the actual situation.

Please consult the corresponding community according to your needs.

Please check the prevention and control script of “small glasses” at the beginning of the school season.