On the German novel coronavirus investigation committee, a number of conclusive evidence were thrown out, and the world should hold the

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With the efforts of all the countries in the world, COVID-19’s tracing work is being promoted step by step.

Previously, the United States continued to slander China on the novel coronavirus issue, but the United States was purely groundless accusations and could not produce any substantive evidence.

The latest report from the world wide web shows that David Martin threw out a blockbuster on the German novel coronavirus Commission in July 9th.

The real hammer COVID-19 is the “biological weapon” made in the United States.

David Martin, President of M ยท cam international innovation risk management company, came to the investigation committee of novel coronavirus in Germany to give testimony.

The reason why David Martin was invited to give testimony is that his company is the largest intangible asset insurer in the world, and his business includes patent application.

After strict examination of the patent of coronavirus, he made many important discoveries.

Judging from his findings, he believes that not only COVID-19 is closely related to the United States, but the SARS virus is also likely to be the product of biochemical research in the United States.

David Martin said he had conducted a rigorous examination of more than 4000 patents related to SARS coronavirus, including patent content, capital behind, patent flow and so on, and found several very suspicious points.

In April 19, 2002, the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases of the United States applied for a patent.

The content of the patent was that the Institute successfully created a SARS virus that could infect human lung epithelial cells.

David Martin also gave the patent number for verification.

Through the patent inspection, we can find that the patent not only recorded the gene sequencing in detail, but also introduced the detection method of SARS virus.

This means that the United States can not only completely control the source of the virus, but also have effective detection methods.

Coincidentally, the first case of SARS broke out in Guangdong in November 2002.

Not only is the timing very coincidental, but also weird, if the SARS virus comes from nature, according to the laws of the United States, it is not possible to apply for patents for natural substances.

So basically, the real hammer made the SARS virus in the United States, and applied for patents earlier than the time when China SARS broke out.

On the COVID-19 issue, David Martin also found many discoveries.

On June 5, 2008, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of the United States decided to conduct research on coronavirus as a biological weapon.

In 2018, the relevant coronavirus patent was transferred to the National Institutes of health.

According to U.S.

law, if the patent enters the National Institutes of health, the U.S.

government has the right to use the patent.

In November 2019, on the eve of the outbreak of COVID-19, the US Department of health had begun sequencing a spike protein vaccine.

The first new US crown vaccine is the spike protein vaccine.

Is it coincidence or is the United States premeditated? The answer is self-evident.

From virus manufacturing to detection, from detection to vaccine, a complete patent protection closed loop is formed.

Aside from whether the United States has really released COVID-19, if the coronavirus of the United States is deliberately leaked, then the relevant organizations or enterprises that control the virus patents can monopolize the detection and vaccine market in the short term, and the huge economic profits will be fully controlled by the relevant institutions and enterprises in the United States.

In fact, the United States is trying to take the lead in this disaster by developing a vaccine in advance.

In March 2019, American pharmaceutical companies suddenly revised many patent applications, specifically referring to the “intentional or accidental release of coronavirus”.

What is the explanation? Can U.S.

pharmaceutical companies and health departments really be unpredicted? If all these evidences are adopted, it means that the U.S.

government is likely to obtain the right to use coronavirus by funding coronavirus research projects or acquiring relevant patents.

These coronaviruses are used by the United States as “biological weapons” to achieve its own political or economic purposes by releasing coronaviruses.

For example, Fermi, a member of the German novel coronavirus investigation committee, speculated that the United States may want to “control the population”.

Barik, the father of the coronavirus, has been accepted by the US military for a long time to study the coronavirus, and its research results have been shared with the fort depot biological base for a long time.

These are open secrets.

Combined with the testimony of David Martin today, it seems that the United States is out of touch with COVID-19.

COVID-19 has caused great harm to all mankind.

If it is really made and leaked by the United States, then the United States should take the responsibility to apologize to all the countries in the world and make economic compensation..