On the vaccination of the novel coronavirus vaccine, this behavior must be resolutely put an end to!

On September 7, the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference to respond to such issues as whether it is possible to travel during the Mid Autumn Festival National Day holiday and how the vaccination situation is.

It is prohibited to bind the “two code joint inspection” with compulsory vaccination.

In order to improve the vaccination rate, individual places restrict the access of non inoculated residents to public places, include them in personal integrity records, link vaccination with pensions The National Health Commission responded that the comprehensive team of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council has asked all localities to correct this phenomenon in time.

Wu Liangyou, deputy director of the disease control bureau of the National Health Commission, said that the National Health Commission will guide all localities to make good use of the measures of two code joint inspection and resolutely put an end to the binding of two code joint inspection and compulsory vaccination.

Special meetings have been held to require all localities to correct and avoid “simplification and one size fits all” in a timely manner in view of the fact that people not vaccinated with Xinguan vaccine are not allowed to enter key public places such as supermarkets, students are refused to enter schools, and units organize personnel to vaccinate in other places.

Mid Autumn Festival and National Day    Can I travel? At the meeting, Wang Huaqing, chief expert of China CDC immunization program, introduced this.

Under the current grim situation of COVID-19 worldwide, the pressure of external input is still very great.

Remind the public to tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control during travel and maintain a certain vigilance.

In addition, gathering and gathering are not encouraged during holidays, especially large-scale gathering is not allowed.

Wang Huaqing reminded the public to understand the epidemic prevention and control level of the destination before traveling, and not to go to medium and high-risk areas.

During travel, do a good job in personal protection, wear masks, wash hands frequently, maintain hand hygiene and maintain social distance.

So far, the number of high-risk areas has been cleared and the number of medium risk areas has dropped to 3.

Watch the video to learn more ↓↓↓ the total number of vaccinations exceeded 1 billion, covering 77.6% of the total population.

As of September 6, 2113.08 million doses of Xinguan vaccine had been reported in China, and the total number of vaccinations reached 1095 million, covering 77.6% of the total population.

969.72 million people had completed the whole process of vaccination.

The overall vaccination progress of people aged 12-17 is also relatively smooth.

At present, 162.28 million doses have been vaccinated.

Watch the video to learn more ↓↓↓ China has achieved full coverage of five technical routes for clinical trials.

China has deployed five technical routes: inactivated vaccine, recombinant protein vaccine, adenovirus vector vaccine, nucleic acid vaccine and attenuated influenza virus vector vaccine.

At present, the full coverage of clinical trials of five technical routes has been realized.

Three inactivated vaccines have been approved by the State Food and Drug Administration for listing with conditions, and mass vaccination is being carried out in China.

The two models have been approved by the State Food and Drug Administration for emergency use.

At the same time, phase III clinical trials are being carried out abroad, and the progress is generally smooth.

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