Publicity of probiotics can prevent and control Xinguan yangleduo’s affiliated company was fined 450000 for false publicity

Click the blue text to follow us! On August 31, Shanghai municipal market supervision and Administration issued an administrative punishment information.

Shanghai Yakult Dairy Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of yangleduo, was fined 450000 yuan by Shanghai Pudong New Area market supervision and Administration for false publicity.

The matter aroused social concern.

“Yangleduo publicized that probiotics can prevent and cure Xinguan from being punished” rushed to the microblog hot search.

  According to the decision of the penalty, before the end of the COVID-19 pneumonia epidemic in China, the parties publicized that “probiotics play an important role in the prevention and control of COVID-19”.

Citing the “New Coronavirus infection pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan”, it is easy to increase the consumer’s attention and trust to its yogurt products.

It is mistaken that probiotics have a preventive and therapeutic effect on COVID-19.

Propagandizing that “beneficial bacteria in the intestine will be lost with the normal excretion of the human body, so it is necessary to supplement active probiotics every day to maintain the balance of intestinal flora”, which will make people mistakenly think that not taking probiotics every day will have adverse effects on the body; The propaganda that “a small 100ml bottle of Yakult contains more than 10 billion Lactobacillus casei Daida strains, and one bottle per day can meet the probiotics needed by adults for one day” will lead people to mistakenly think that drinking a bottle of Yakult Lactobacillus every day will meet the probiotics needed by the human body, while ignoring the supplement of other probiotics except Lactobacillus casei.

The publicity behavior of the parties concerned is conducive to improving the sales volume of Yakult lactic acid bacteria, gaining competitive advantage, and excluding or hindering the competition of other varieties of probiotic drinks.

(source: Shanghai market supervision and Administration Bureau)   The behavior of the party concerned violates the first paragraph of Article 8 of the Anti Unfair Competition Law of the people’s Republic of China, “business operators shall not make false or misleading commercial publicity on the performance, function, quality, sales status, user evaluation and honors of their goods, so as to deceive and mislead consumers.” and the first paragraph of Article 10 of the regulations of Shanghai Municipality on anti unfair competition “Business operators shall not make false or misleading commercial publicity on the performance, function, quality, sales status, user evaluation and honors of their goods, so as to deceive and mislead consumers or other relevant public.” this constitutes a false publicity act.

After comprehensive consideration, Shanghai Pudong New Area market supervision administration fined them 450000 yuan.

  In response to this, Yakult issued a statement on its official microblog on the 7th.

The statement said that the company attaches great importance to this and sincerely accepts the punishment.

This incident shows that the company’s subsidiaries lack strict audit on product publicity and there are serious loopholes in management.

We apologize and sincerely apologize for this.

  According to the statement, in April 2020, Shanghai Yakult Dairy Co., Ltd.

in the National Health Protection Committee and the State Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine issued the “New Coronavirus infection pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan” (trial version fourth), saw “about the use of intestinal micro ecological regulator, maintain intestinal microecological balance, prevent secondary bacterial infection”.

The text, and some media reports about probiotics in COVID-19 infected pneumonia, issued in a supermarket in Pudong, Shanghai, with “the first time issued by the state confirmed that probiotics play an important role in the prevention and control of COVID-19”.

The company immediately tried to recycle these color pages after the matter was reported by consumers.

However, the misleading impact has been caused, and I am deeply sorry about it.

(source: microblog)   The statement also said that Yakult humbly accepted the criticism of consumers and sincerely accepted the punishment of the government.

After the incident, the company’s management and relevant units made a profound internal review, comprehensively reviewed the audit process of its subsidiaries and their own internal publicity content, improved the audit mechanism, and organized relevant departments to strengthen the study of laws and regulations.

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