Remind! It is related to the vaccination of the elderly over the age of 60 with the novel coronavirus vaccine. These situations need to be

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Share every day, completely free subscription, please rest assured to pay attention!   Shunde has fully liberalized the vaccination of people over the age of 18 (including those over the age of 60) with the first and second doses of novel coronavirus vaccine.

The partners raised many questions: can we vaccinate novel coronavirus vaccine for special physical conditions? The elderly have a large proportion of basic diseases                                                                                                                 Special attention should be paid in the vaccination process.


For the elderly with basic diseases, if their basic diseases have been well controlled through routine treatment, they can be vaccinated with novel coronavirus vaccine.



If the underlying disease is in an acute attack, consider delaying vaccination according to the doctor’s advice.


Vaccination is not recommended if the physical condition does not permit, such as acute allergic reaction, epilepsy, convulsion, history of mental illness, severe liver and kidney disease or being in the stage of high fever.


For the elderly who are really uncertain whether they can be vaccinated with the novel coronavirus vaccine, they can go to the vaccination point to consult the doctor, who will give specific professional suggestions.

Q & A on whether some common diseases can be vaccinated let’s see if ▼ has eczema and can be vaccinated? Non chronic diseases, useless drugs, can be inoculated.

Gout, can I get a novel coronavirus vaccine? Acute attack period is not vaccinated, stable period can be vaccinated.

Can hyperlipidemia be inoculated? sure.

Can I be vaccinated for protein or seafood allergy, penicillin, cephalosporin and amoxicillin allergy? sure.

Stay for 30 minutes.

Can hypertension and diabetes be vaccinated? Inoculation: drugs can be controlled, at stable stage (160/100 and below), diabetes has no complications, diabetic nephropathy is not allowed to be inoculated in first and second stages: phase third, fourth, fifth, unstable diabetic patients with acute complications (ketoacidosis, hypertonic state, lactic acidosis), who have recovered from above acute complications for 2 weeks.

Can patients with coronary heart disease with fasting blood glucose > 13 and 9mmol / l be vaccinated? If there is no abnormality in physical examination of coronary heart disease, it can be inoculated.

Coronary heart disease is stable and can be inoculated when taking medicine.

In addition, it should be specially reminded that the elderly with the following conditions should postpone the vaccination of novel coronavirus vaccine ▼ patients with malignant tumors are undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy and other patients before and after surgery; Patients with organ transplantation status.

Fever caused by any reason; Active TB patients.

Acute encephalopathy, or a history of convulsion, mental illness or family history; Patients with epilepsy and other serious neurological diseases were not controlled.

Patients with acute respiratory infection and acute attack.

Hypotension ≤ 90 / 60mmhg, hypertension ≥ 160 / 100mmhg, patients with severe coronary heart disease.

Patients with uncontrolled lymphoproliferative diseases, unrelieved aplastic anemia, active stage of primary immune thrombocytopenia (ITP), uncontrolled bleeding and coagulation diseases, etc.

Patients with acute urinary and reproductive system infection and severe nephropathy.

Diabetic acute complications and hypothyroidism indicators were abnormal.

Hyperthyroidism exophthalmos.

The clinician or vaccination staff think it is not suitable for vaccination.

If you have other relevant questions, please consult your doctor first.

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