September 9 Tianning street Xinguan vaccination announcement

Today, there are 2500 injections of Kexing vaccine, 500 injections of Beisheng vaccine and a small amount of Zhifei (only the second and third injections).

The vaccination time is 2:00-5:00 p.m.

Vaccination address: centralized vaccination point of Qingguo Nanyuan, Tianning Street (northeast corner of the junction of Jinling middle road and DIAOQIAO Road, next to Meilai plastic surgery hospital); First come, first served vaccination.

Vaccinated residents should wear masks, carry vaccination form, ID card and health code and go as soon as possible.

There is no parking space for motor vehicles at the vaccination site.

Please travel green.

Note: residents with a history of living in low-risk areas of the city where the medium and high-risk areas are located can only be vaccinated if they have a negative nucleic acid test report within two days and the health code is green; The elderly or other personnel who cannot provide health code and travel code shall be accompanied by their family members to prove that they are safe and healthy before vaccination.

In addition, young people aged 12-17 who need to be vaccinated for the first or second injection should be accompanied by their guardian.

Long press the QR code in the figure below to pay attention to “I Shang main urban area”..