Surprise! Canada’s novel coronavirus bill is exposed! The average cost of ICU treatment is 55000, which is more expensive than kidney

Small advertising dividing line on Thursday (September 9), the Canadian Institute for health information (CIHI) released a new data report – in Canada, the average cost of treating a severe novel coronavirus patient is about $55000! The average hospitalization cost of ordinary novel coronavirus patients exceeds 23000! Even if you are not hospitalized, the cost of treatment alone will be about 15000! The average treatment cost of Canadian heart disease patients is about $8400, while the cost of ordinary novel coronavirus treatment is four times that of ordinary influenza treatment ($4959), which is similar to the hospitalization cost of renal transplant patients (about 27000), while the cost of ordinary typical pneumonia patients is about 8000 yuan.

The small advertising boundary report also pointed out that the average length of stay of patients with novel coronavirus in Canada is 15 days, almost a quarter of ordinary patients eventually need to be transferred to the intensive care unit and put on the ventilator, and one fifth of them die after living in the ICU.

The average hospitalization time of severe patients is 21 days, which is not only more serious, longer hospitalization time, higher mortality, but also more treatment costs.

From January 2020 to March 2021, the total cost of novel coronavirus hospitalization in Canada (except Quebec) is close to $1 billion, of which the cost from November last year to March this year has doubled! After reading the Canadian report, many people said that the disease, not to mention physical discomfort, even if cured, the follow-up treatment and hospitalization expenses are also a big problem.

  So, even for your own pocket, I hope you don’t relax your vigilance.

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