Taiyuan, aged 12 to 17, completed COVID-19 vaccination of 64 thousand and 624 people.

In September 9th, the Municipal Health Protection Committee announced that as of September 9th, 16 hours, 12 to 17 years old people in our city completed the whole process of COVID-19 vaccine inoculation 64 thousand and 624 people, completed a dose of 262 thousand and 872 people, 12 to 17 years old crowd one dose, the completion rate of 101.1%.

In order to ensure the orderly development of COVID-19 vaccination in our city and facilitate the mass vaccination, the current number of COVID-19 vaccination sites in our city has been expanded to 287, including 123 fixed inoculation sites, 42 temporary vaccination sites and 122 vaccination sites.

5182 vaccination personnel and 1329 medical treatment support personnel are equipped.

At the same time, 16 shelter inoculation points will be built and used.

Under the joint efforts of all walks of life and all walks of life in the whole city, COVID-19 vaccination in our city has progressed smoothly.

As of September 8th, the city has received 8 million 180 thousand doses of COVID-19 vaccine, and 4 million 260 thousand people have been vaccinated, and 3 million 640 thousand people have been vaccinated throughout the whole process.

The completion rate of one dose vaccination for people over 18 years old was 100.9%.

(reporter Liu Tao) source: Taiyuan evening news harmful information reporting Tel.: 0351-8222094 reporting email: tyrbsjb@163.com 。.