The death rate of the novel coronavirus of the U.S. military has soared 50 times and has just experienced the “deadliest month”

Source: the website of the US Military Times reported on September 10 that since 2020, the death rate of the novel coronavirus of the US military has jumped 50 times.

So far, the past August is the “deadliest month”.

According to the report, at the end of 2020, at the most severe time of COVID-19, the US military announced in November of that month the largest number of soldiers killed in the novel coronavirus – 4 American servicemen died.

At present, the total number of novel coronavirus deaths in the U.S.

military has reached 43, with a mortality rate of 0.02%, 50 times that of the U.S.

military last year.

The military times also listed the list of soldiers with 9 novel coronavirus deaths reported by the U.S.

military since August 24.

They include 44 year old army experts, 49 year old army sergeant, 52 year old army sergeant, 27 year old air force sergeant, 50 year old army captain, 28 year old army sergeant, 58 year old air force major, 55 year old army sergeant and a soldier without public identity information.

On June 30, the headline of RAND Corporation’s official website released the report “understanding the influence of the United States and China in strategic competition” supported by the office of the Secretary of defense, which evaluated China’s behavior and mechanism of exerting influence in Australia, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions.

How can the United States compete with China to improve its global influence? The Chinese think tank translated the full text of the report.

After receiving attention, reply to the report in the background of the official account and collect the full Chinese version free of charge.

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