The death toll of novel coronavirus in New York was “increased” by 12000

The new governor of New York, Cathy hochul, released epidemic data on the day of taking office on the 24th.

The death toll in the novel coronavirus of the state was nearly 12000 more than that released by former governor Andrew Como on the 23rd.

Como was accused of concealing the death toll of the novel coronavirus in the nursing home, and hochul promised to improve the transparency of the government on the 25th.

▲ on August 24, Cathy hochul (right) was sworn in as governor of New York State in Albany, the capital of New York state.

Andrew Cuomo, the last governor, was forced to resign because of a sexual harassment scandal.

(Xinhua news agency, New York governor’s office for map) Huo Chu Er office on the evening of 24, in a daily update of the epidemic report, according to the United States Centers for Disease Control and prevention received the death certificate data, New York has so far 55 thousand and 400 people died of COVID-19.

Como announced on the day he left office on the 23rd that 43400 people died in New York state.

Hochul told NPR on the 25th, “we are using CDC data…

Therefore, we have no chance to cover up this figure, and I don’t want to cover up.” she explained that the updated data include confirmed or suspected novel coronavirus deaths anywhere in New York state.

“People should be aware of these two situations.” ▲ on August 23, pedestrians passed a novel coronavirus vaccination site in New York, USA.

(Xinhua news agency, photo by Guo Ke) according to Reuters, the data on novel coronavirus deaths released by Como are incomplete, only covering confirmed deaths, and excluding the number of deaths at home and in other places.

According to the investigation report released by the Attorney General of New York State in January, the underreporting rate of novel coronavirus deaths in nursing homes in New York state was as high as 50%.

Como admitted in February that his office should not conceal the novel coronavirus death case data of New York state nursing homes from New York state lawmakers, the public and the media, but did not apologize for this.

After the outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States, the epidemic in New York was once very serious.

At the peak of the epidemic, the average daily death toll in New York state reached 800.

▲ this is a video of the speech made by Andrew Como, then governor of New York State, in New York, United States, on August 10.

Como announced his resignation on the 10th and will leave office in two weeks because he was accused of sexual harassment by many women and faced impeachment by the state parliament.

(photographed by Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Ying) Como became a “star governor” for a time because he gave a briefing on the epidemic situation to the media and the public every day.

He was recently forced to resign on suspicion of sexual harassment scandal, but insisted that there was no misconduct.

Democratic hochul, the former deputy governor of New York State, became the first female governor of New York State on the 24th.

She told Microsoft NBC on the 25th that her state government would be “transparent”.

Republican New York Senator Susan Sereno said that hochul’s release of “new data” is a “welcome step in transparency”, and New York State should investigate the response of new champions in nursing homes.

She said: “in order to rebuild public trust, anyone involved in manipulating or concealing relevant data shall not serve in the state government.” ▲ on May 3, 2020, a refrigerated car used as a temporary morgue was parked in the Isabella elderly center in New York, USA.

(Xinhua news agency, photo by Guo Ke) on the 25th, some State Councillors of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party urged huochuer to dismiss Howard Zucker, health commissioner of New York State, saying that Zucker “helped the governor beautify his image at the time of the worst epidemic”.

According to the data released by Johns Hopkins University, as of the 25th, there were more than 2.24 million confirmed cases in novel coronavirus in New York state.

Reuters statistics show that among the U.S.

states, New York has the third highest death toll, second only to California and Texas.

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