The employees of Tiemei company should receive all the new vaccines

Recently, the reporter learned from the Immunology Department of the health management center that up to now, the company has 34151 workers and staff members in the company.

In addition to the taboo staff, COVID-19 vaccination has been covered by all staff members.

The system has successfully met the requirements and successfully established a crowd immunity barrier system, which provides a strong guarantee for the normal and stable production and operation of the mining area.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been effectively blocked since the beginning of the year.

The health management center has conscientiously implemented the spirit of COVID-19 vaccination documents from the state, provincial and municipal governments, and organized them accurately and scientifically.

To eliminate the unsafe psychological factors of the workers, the center publicize the safety and effectiveness of vaccination by issuing posters, publicity banners, official account, WeChat group, friends circle, etc., and guides workers to take rational view of the possible abnormal reactions and improves the willingness of workers to vaccinate.

In order to ensure that no one is missed, the center organizes and coordinates relevant departments and personnel to go deep into grass-roots units for thorough investigation, registration and filing, so as to ensure that qualified employees should receive all vaccines.

To ensure that the novel coronavirus vaccination is completed according to the plan, the center plans the Immunology Department as the specific implementation Department of COVID-19 vaccination work, actively cooperates with and supports various units of the company, and fully develops COVID-19 vaccination work, effectively ensuring the orderly development of vaccination work.

Du Wenqing, chief of the planning and immunization section of the health management center: since the vaccination work was carried out on January 5, all the staff of our planning and immunization section and seconded personnel know that we have no way back in the “blocking” battlefield with the spread of the epidemic.

Adhering to the anti epidemic spirit of “soldiers in white”, all staff actively give up their rest time, work 12 to 17 hours a day, and devote themselves to the vaccination work, so as to ensure the full coverage of all staff…