The novel coronavirus “Nemesis” has come, and the world’s first novel coronavirus “special drug” has appeared, which can rest assured for

                                                                                 At present, the global COVID-19 is still grim due to the spread of variant viruses.

However, there is good news from China recently that the first “novel coronavirus specific drug” is about to be born.

At the same time, its role in the vaccine situation has attracted extensive attention from the outside world.

Chinese medical experts responded to this.

The world’s first “specific drug” appeared on September 4 local time.

According to domestic media reports, at the ongoing 2021 China service trade fair, China biology not only displayed the popular novel coronavirus vaccine and diagnostic agents, but also highlighted the world’s first “specific drug” – specific immunoglobulin.

The report shows that this drug is the first specific therapeutic drug prepared from plasma immunized with the novel coronavirus inactivated vaccine in the world, and has been approved by the UAE in addition to the Chinese clinical approval.

It is worth mentioning that the UAE has just set a world record due to China’s assistance recently, that is, it has become the country with the highest vaccination rate in the world.

In fact, this “special drug” has attracted outside attention since it was made public.

At present, several procedures have been completed, such as process validation and animal testing.

As for when to conduct clinical research, Zhu Jingjin, Secretary of the CPC Committee of China biology, said in an interview with the media on the 4th that the clinical research on novel coronavirus specific immunoglobulin will be officially launched soon, and pointed out that the State Drug Administration has issued clinical trial approval documents.

Obviously, this “specific drug” for the epidemic will soon be widely used in real life, and what benefits it will bring in the future, Chinese medical experts have described in detail.

Role of “novel coronavirus specific drug” according to domestic media reports, Chen Kun, Secretary of China biological discipline inspection commission, said in an interview that this “novel coronavirus specific drug” has been applied to patients in many regions of the country, and the test results are good.

Chen Kun pointed out that none of these patients who used the “novel coronavirus specific drugs” died, and the cure rate was as high as 100%.

He added that even if the virus has mutated and its toxicity has increased, it is still within the treatment scope of this drug.

Obviously, from Chen Kun’s words, we can clearly feel the significance of this “special drug”, that is, we can quickly control the epidemic situation.

At present, with the development of time, drugs such as “specific drugs” for epidemic situation are gradually appearing.

This also shows that the severe COVID-19 situation in the world will be quickly grasped.

Of course, we should not only rely on drugs, but also introduce relevant measures.

of However, it can be made clear that the epidemic situation is relatively good in the future.

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