The novel coronavirus vaccine has a second generation? The authority responded

At the recently concluded service trade fair, the second-generation novel coronavirus vaccine appeared.

It is reported that the new generation of novel coronavirus vaccines developed by Sinopharm China biology include not only inactivated vaccines for mutant strains, but also broad-spectrum recombinant protein vaccines and independently developed mRNA vaccines.

Why develop the second generation novel coronavirus vaccine? Is the current generation of vaccine useless? When will the second-generation novel coronavirus vaccine be available? Where are we now? On September 7, the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference.

Zheng Zhongwei, leader of the vaccine research and development team of the scientific research team and director of the science and technology development center of the National Health Commission, made an authoritative response to these problems.

Is the first generation vaccine still working? The data announced at the conference showed that as of September 6th, the total number of COVID-19 vaccinations was 2 billion 100 million 13 million 83 thousand times, and the number of people who completed the whole process was 969 million 720 thousand.

Minors aged 12-17 have been vaccinated 162.28 million times.

So, for the variant strain of COVID-19, will the first generation vaccine still work? Zheng Zhongwei believes that whether it is effective or not should be proved by the research results in the real world.

He said: China’s novel coronavirus inactivated vaccine has carried out vaccination for a large-scale population all over the world, and has been vaccinated 2 billion doses in China.

There are many real-world research data.

These results show that China’s novel coronavirus vaccine has a certain effect on preventing infection both at home and abroad; It has a clear effect on the re transmission after infection and has a significant effect on the prevention of severe and death.

Zheng Zhongwei stressed: “even in the case of widespread epidemic of virus variants, especially delta strain.” the effect of vaccination was obvious in the last round of epidemic prevention and control in Beijing and Guangzhou.

The research conducted by academician Zhong Nanshan’s team on the epidemic situation in Guangdong (the infected strain is mainly delta strain) shows that after two doses of vaccination, the protective effect on moderate diseases has reached 70% and the protective effect on severe diseases has reached 100%.

Why do you need a second-generation vaccine? Since the first generation vaccine is still effective, why develop the second generation vaccine? “Although the mutation of COVID-19 is relatively stable so far, there is no fundamental mutation.

We still need to take precautions.” Zheng Zhongwei said that if there is preparation, even if the virus is seriously mutated in the future, it will be able to rapidly escape from the preventive effect of the current vaccine so that it can rapidly develop and produce new vaccines on a large scale.

So as to be prepared.

Source: China biodiesel WeChat official account recently released by CDC, the latest research shows that with the COVID-19’s leading variant of the Delta, the effectiveness of the US COVID-19 vaccine has dropped from 91% to 66%.

This real-world research result also makes the research and development of broad-spectrum and multivalent second-generation vaccine imminent.

In addition to the early start in vaccine research and development, the relevant review and approval system is also actively deployed.

Zheng Zhongwei introduced that relevant institutions in China have also carried out the formulation of guiding principles for the review and approval of mutant vaccines, and made some basic arrangements for the review and approval.

How’s it going? In response to the variant strain of COVID-19, each vaccine research and development unit has been carrying out a series of research work aimed at the development of various variants of vaccines since the outbreak of the epidemic, especially since there were variant strains.

Zheng Zhongwei introduced that first, China’s vaccine R & D units have carried out research on inactivated vaccines of gamma strain and delta strain.

At present, preclinical research has been completed, and some units have submitted application materials for clinical trials to the drug evaluation center.

Second, we have carried out research on broad-spectrum or multivalent recombinant protein vaccines for different mutant strains, and some units have also submitted application materials for clinical trials to the drug evaluation center.

Third, the research and development of adenovirus vector vaccine and nucleic acid vaccine against beta strain and delta strain has been carried out.

Some units have also completed experiments on animal effectiveness and safety, and are preparing to apply for clinical trials.

Attention! Source: Science and technology daily, Liaoning satellite TV, Shenyang daily editor: Sun Yuzhi Supervisor: Li Yunfeng.