The Philippines received 33 million doses of novel coronavirus vaccine, and the serious adverse reaction rate was only 0.006%!

Only 0.006% of the 33 million doses of novel coronavirus vaccine in the Philippines had serious adverse reactions.

15 million people in the Philippines completed the government goal of vaccination.

70% of the news hot spots were completed in key areas by the end of October.

33 million doses of novel coronavirus vaccine were vaccinated in the Philippines   Only 0.006% of serious adverse reactions occurred.

Click the Philippine Fillon video to learn more about the Philippines [Fillon news] Eric Domingo, director of the Philippine food and Drug Administration (FDA), said on Thursday that 60703 suspected adverse reactions after vaccination were recorded, of which 2083 were serious adverse reactions.

Domingo said: “of the 33 million doses of novel coronavirus vaccine injected, only about 0.18% reported suspected adverse reactions and 0.006% reported serious adverse reactions, which is a very low proportion and fully meets the global vaccination standards.” the official added that among many vaccine brands, AstraZeneca vaccine produced the most adverse reactions, usually physical pain Injection site pain, fever, weight gain, etc.

As of August 29, if the number of adverse reactions was analyzed by vaccine brand: AstraZeneca in the United Kingdom – 6032390 doses have been injected, 30202 cases (0.5%), China Kexing Biology – 18583548 doses have been injected, 24148 cases (0.13%), Pfizer in the United States – 3182582 doses have been injected, 2597 cases (0.08%), Johnson & Johnson in the United States – 3569162 doses have been injected, 2327 cases (0.06%) and Modena in the United States – 1683282 doses have been injected, There were 778 (0.04%) cases of Russian satellite V – 327125 doses have been injected, and 651 (0.19%) cases of China National Pharmaceutical Group – 9133 doses have been injected, with no adverse reaction events.

At the same time, as of August 29, only 0.0017% or 242 people among the 13.87 million people fully vaccinated with Xinguan vaccine had experienced breakthrough infection events.

In 242 cases of infection, 5 cases died, most of them were the elderly and the group with complications.

Among the above population, 180 were vaccinated with Kexing vaccine, 47 with AstraZeneca, 11 with Janssen / Johnson & Johnson vaccine and 4 with Pfizer.

As of August 29th, of the 9 million 220 thousand people who had been inoculated with at least one dose, 732 were infected with COVID-19, while 98 were infected with COVID-19 on the 14 day after the last dose.

Of these groups, 101 died.

The Philippines food and drug administration finally stressed that the benefits of vaccination are greater than risks, and this is also an effective and critical tool to control COVID-19’s spread.

News hotspot 15 million people in the Philippines have completed vaccination   The government aims to complete 70% of key areas by the end of October [Fillon news] Carlito Galvez, the head of Philippine vaccine affairs, said on Thursday that 15 million people in the country have been fully vaccinated with the novel coronavirus vaccine.

Garvis introduced to the House hearing that at present, the country has received 52792130 doses of novel coronavirus vaccine, of which 37176513 doses have been administered, and 15837799 have been fully vaccinated with novel coronavirus vaccine.

The official added that novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine is being stabilized in Philippines, and the new 61 million crown vaccine is expected to be received in the next two months as the delivery of the novel coronavirus vaccine is stable.

The Philippine government aims to achieve 70% full vaccination in the capital region, Central Luzon, calabarzon, Cebu metropolis, Davao metropolis, Cagayan de Oro city and other high-risk areas by the end of October.

At the same time, vaccination activities in other regions should also exceed 50% of the first dose.

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