The sequelae of the novel coronavirus was exposed, and the autopsy results were announced: what happened to the cured patients with the

Author: Ling Yi    Source: Fanhua Gushi: “don’t think you’ve won.

Everyone just lacks imagination about the novel coronavirus.” “it’s so uncomfortable.

Won’t you move it away?” Li Hua asked suspiciously looking at the big blisters scalded on his mother’s body.

  She is in moxibustion.

I don’t know when she was burned.

  “I don’t feel it,” she said   Li Hua thought to himself, “I can iron like this across my clothes.

I’m still a normal person.

How can I not feel it?”   Later, I found that my mother not only lost the feeling of temperature, but also failed in hearing, smell and other organs.

Once, Li Hua heard her say to herself in the kitchen:   “Look at this land.

It’s like this.

Don’t you turn it over?”   Li Hua went into the kitchen and asked what she was talking about?   She said, “I didn’t speak.”   This is not the first time.

Talking to yourself has become the norm.

  In addition, when talking to her, her reaction is also very slow.

Sometimes her hands tremble and her mouth twitches.

  As a doctor, Li Hua felt very helpless.

01 all this should start from January 26, 2020.

  That day, my mother suspected that she had a nerve problem, and at that time, it was the outbreak of the epidemic in Wuhan.

  On January 31, 2020, my mother found that her lungs had been infected through CT examination.

It belongs to mild disease, but the symptoms are unpredictable.

The temperature is normal, just diarrhea all the time.

  In early April, she was discharged from hospital and returned home after isolation.

  Who expected that the “secret pain” after recovery had just begun.

When she got home, she still had diarrhea.

  Li Hua consulted everywhere and tried his best to treat her.

The doctor suggested using drugs.

After a week of medication, she did not have diarrhea, but followed by abdominal distension and constipation.

  Abdominal distention is particularly severe.

After eating every time, the stomach will be very distended, so that the shape of the stomach can be seen.

  This kind of “swelling” is different from the common “swelling”.

Once it swells, it is very difficult to breathe, and can not be relieved by exercise.

It can only rely on a large number of drugs.

  In addition to abdominal distension, constipation is also a big problem.

If the condition is serious, use glycerin enema.

Such repetition is very grinding.

  In June 2020, Li Hua took her to the hospital for examination.

  There is nothing wrong with the physical examination, but the doctor suggests that you can no longer rely on drugs and enema, which will form an irresistible dependence.

Most importantly, for her 65 year old, her body can’t bear it at all.

  And at present, this symptom is sympathetic nerve disorder, the cause of which is the infection of COVID-19, the nervous system has been “attacked”.

  It won’t heal for a while and a half, but it can only be relieved slowly.

  Fortunately, all her symptoms are slowly improving after stopping the medicine.

  After half a year’s toss, the weight of a 170cm tall mother fell from 120 kg to 90 kg.

Today, it is like a “match man”.

  What is more frustrating is that this “dilemma” not only tortures Li Hua’s mother, but also the novel coronavirus patients abroad.

03 in April 2020, Peter Piot infected the novel coronavirus.

Before long, he recovered and was discharged from the hospital.

  Who’s Peter Piot?   He was once known as a “top virologist” and a “legend in the field of global health”.

He was also one of the researchers who took the lead in discovering “Ebola virus”.

  Source: medical circles   But such a powerful man still can’t escape the novel coronavirus.

  After recovery, I thought everything was fine.

Unexpectedly, the real “difficulty” had just come.

  When he got home, his muscles atrophied and his body was very weak.

He even had difficulty walking.

  He said, “COVID-19 will change my life.

I am not only a virus researcher, a vaccination rule maker, but also a victim of the epidemic.

I nearly died.

Now, every night, I am still weak and unable to speak.”   To make matters worse, he was first found to have a heart rate of 170 beats per minute.

This is very dangerous, and acute cardiovascular events such as stroke may occur at any time.

  He was still receiving treatment until May 2, 2020.

  He said reluctantly, “I’ll never forget that feeling.

It’s not fatigue, but exhaustion.”.

  A 43 year old muscular man in the US weighs 190 Jin and is very strong and also infected with COVID-19.

  He once posted a comparison map before and after the infection of the novel coronavirus on his social account.

  In just two months, he lost more than 40 kilograms and looked very haggard.

  “I was so weak that I couldn’t even lift my cell phone.

My cell phone was too heavy.

I couldn’t type.

My hands kept shaking,” he said   These are COVID-19’s attacks on the human body.

  In novel coronavirus pneumonia patients’ main dysfunction rehabilitation treatment plan, the National Health Protection Committee mentioned:   “Patients with physical dysfunction are mainly characterized by general weakness, fatigue and muscle soreness, and some can be accompanied by muscle atrophy, muscle strength decline, etc.”   In other words, fatigue and other symptoms after recovery are very common.

  In terms of the epidemic, they are “survivors” and can at least be reborn.

But it is also unfortunate.

After all, the torture of “sequelae” should not be underestimated.

  More cruelly, these “symptoms” are just the tip of the iceberg.

  04 as early as January 8, the study of the lancet showed that:   More than 70% of Xinguan patients in Jinyintan hospital still have at least one symptom six months after onset.

  Source: Doctor clove   From June to September 2020, they observed the symptoms of 1733 patients with novel coronavirus after discharge.

  Among them, fatigue or muscle weakness accounted for 63%, sleep disorder accounted for 26%, and 20% of patients had anxiety or depression.

From the influence on various organs to the spirit and psychology.

  It’s shocking to destroy them one by one.

  Source: Doctor clove   COVID-19 is too cunning, and there is a “sequela” which is alarming.

  According to the daily mail, foreign experts said:   “After a large number of autopsies, it was found that the patients had signs of thrombosis.”    What is “thrombus”?   We often say that the culprit of myocardial infarction, heart failure, stroke and other diseases is “thrombosis”.

  At the same time, the professor of King’s College London also found that:   “The hospital has 30% of novel coronavirus patients with thrombosis.”    This is more common in elderly patients, but there are some risks in young groups, so don’t take it lightly.

  In addition, the president of the American Heart Association said:   “In China, novel coronavirus pneumonia is observed in some Chinese patients, who first experience heart attack and then develop symptoms of novel coronavirus pneumonia,” he said.

  According to the survey in Wuhan in January, 12% of patients have signs of cardiovascular injury, and the level of calcium protein is also high.

Therefore, it may lead to myocarditis and heart failure.

  A 30-year-old man in Japan recovered and found that his cardiopulmonary function decreased rapidly.

  He often feels chest pain, but he can’t find anything wrong.

  “As usual, I breathe, but suddenly I feel my heart blocked.”    It may also affect male fertility.

  It has not been confirmed that the novel coronavirus will damage the testis and affect the fertility of the male, but it is highly similar to the SARS virus and the same as the invading cell receptor.

  Therefore, it is theoretically assumed that the novel coronavirus virus may cause testicular damage.

  At least it will affect male fertility, and at worst it may lead to male infertility.

  Experts also reminded that novel coronavirus pneumonia should be performed in the right age males after rehabilitation.

  I have to admit that the life of the cured patient may not return to its original appearance.

05 at present, human cognition of COVID-19 is far from enough, especially the novel coronavirus “sequelae”.

  Just because you don’t mention it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist..