The world sounded a new alarm! India now has more deadly viral deaths than novel coronavirus

The picture shows medical workers in protective clothing preparing to cremate a 12-year-old boy who died of Nipah virus in Kozhikode, Kerala, India (AP).

A 12-year-old boy in India has just died of Nipah virus, a rare virus with a death rate much higher than that of Xinguan.

Health officials have been worried that the virus will trigger a new wave of global epidemic.

Local officials say an unidentified boy died in a hospital in Kerala, southern India on Sunday.

The area is already facing a serious COVID-19.

According to New Delhi television, the boy had been to two other hospitals before his death and may have contacted hundreds of people, of which 11 had potential symptoms.

According to the data from WHO (WHO), the fatality rate of NIV is between 40% and 75%, making it more lethal than COVID-19.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said: “in the previous outbreak, Nipah virus has been proved to be able to spread from person to person, which has aroused people’s concern that Nipah virus may lead to a global epidemic.” more than 100 people who have potential contact with the 12-year-old boy have been isolated, of which 48 are monitored in a hospital in Kerala.

Local officials will also carry out door-to-door monitoring and determine whether there are secondary contacts.

Tests on the boy’s main contacts – his family and health care workers showed that their virus test results were negative.

” When announcing the news, Veena George, director of the health department of Kerala, India, said: “it is a relief that the test results of these eight direct contacts were negative.” the CDC pointed out that Nipah virus was first found in Malaysia and Singapore in 1999, which infected nearly 300 people and killed more than 100 of them.

More than 1 million pigs were killed to help control the epidemic, causing a “huge economic impact”.

CDC pointed out that the key symptoms of Nipah virus are similar to those of Xinguan, including fever, cough, sore throat and dyspnea, which makes it more difficult to monitor the virus.

People infected with Nipah virus usually also develop encephalitis or brain swelling.

If they survive, they will have long-term symptoms such as persistent convulsions and even personality changes.

The CDC warned that this infectious disease will remain latent in patients.

They may get sick and die “months or even years after exposure to the virus”.

At present, there is no vaccine against Nipah virus.

The only treatment is supportive care, that is, to control complications and alleviate patients’ pain.

Kerala had a Nipah epidemic in 2018, when more than a dozen people died.

Kerala’s government is still trying to contain COVID-19 at the time of a new outbreak of potential nip, which has raised concerns.

On Monday, Kerala reported nearly 20000 novel coronavirus cases, accounting for the vast majority of new cases in a single day in India.

Less than one month after the start of school, 13 employees of Miami public school died due to the novel coronavirus…

Since the beginning of the new school year on August 16, a total of 13 teachers and employees of Miami Dade County Public School died of the novel coronavirus, and they were not vaccinated.

Among the 13 people who died in the novel coronavirus, 4 teachers, 1 security guard, 1 canteen staff and 7 school bus drivers, CNN reported on Tuesday.

Karla Hernandez mats, President of the local teachers’ Union, confirmed in an interview with CNN on Wednesday that all 13 teaching staff are African Americans and have not been vaccinated.

Hernandez mats said the situation was “very unfortunate and very heartbreaking”, and the students and other teaching staff in the community were very sad.

She added: “the situation is really bad.

Seeing this trend, seeing it happen in the African American community, seeing it happen among unvaccinated people, we can’t say a word.” Alberto Carvalho, supervisor of Miami Dade County public schools, said: “I think this echoes the great tragedy we’ve seen all over the United States.” he added: “Although 98% of people in my community have received at least one dose of vaccine, there is still a certain lag among Miami Dade minority individuals.” The official data of the novel coronavirus of the school district show that 147 students and 186 teaching staff have been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus since August 13.

However, the database does not report the deaths.

A school district spokesman said officials learned about the deaths of the employees through family members and gossip.

Hernandez mats said she helped organize Tuesday after the deaths A temporary vaccination site was opened in Miami Dade County.

According to her introduction, 40 people came to get the first dose of vaccine within a few hours of the opening of the site.

Hernandez mats pointed out that the wrong information was one of the reasons for the low vaccination rate in her community.

In an interview with CNN, she said: “All these misinformation are creating a lot of fear.

This community is already underserved.

We checked the data provided by the County Health Bureau.

The basic situation is that the vaccination rate of African American communities is only 30%, which is far lower than our average level here.” With the spread of the highly infectious delta variant, there has been a surge in novel coronavirus cases in Florida and other parts of the United States in recent weeks Signed an executive order that schools should not force their students to wear masks.

However, many school districts, including Miami Dade County, have chosen to ignore the governor’s order and introduced the requirement of wearing masks.

Source: American Chinese network..