They are already sixty or seventy years old. Is it useful to vaccinated COVID-19?

They are sixty or seventy years old.

Is it still useful to vaccinate with the novel coronavirus vaccine? On this issue, we can get answers from the recent outbreak of COVID-19 pneumonia in Nanjing, Yangzhou and Zhengzhou.

Among these people, severe and critical diseases appear in varying degrees.

The experts drew the following two important conclusions.

First, in the severe cases, two doses of COVID-19 vaccination were completed, that is, those who completed the immunization procedure for more than 14 days, accounted for less than 5% of the severe cases.

In other words, more than 95% of severe cases are those who have not been vaccinated or have not completed the immunization procedure.

  Those who did not complete the COVID-19 vaccine immunization program accounted for more than 95% of the critically ill patients.

  Second, more than 90% of the critically ill people over the age of 60 have not been vaccinated or have not completed vaccination.

The critically ill patients in Yangzhou were not vaccinated.

  More than 90% of people over 60 years old did not complete COVID-19 vaccine immunization procedure.

  In addition to the actual verification of the epidemic situation, Zhong Nanshan and others also studied the protective effect of the vaccine.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia team has studied in the past two years, and showed that the protective effect of the new vaccine against the novel coronavirus pneumonia reached 70% after the vaccination of the 100% doses, and the protective effect on severe cases reached 100%.

The study found that those who did not vaccinate or were vaccinated all the time were 3 times more likely to infect COVID-19 than those who had been vaccinated throughout the day.

In other words, the risk of reinfection from vaccinated people to others is also reduced.

To sum up, according to the procedures, the novel coronavirus virus vaccine can be vaccinated against the virus.

Even if a breakthrough infection is unfortunate, it can greatly reduce the possibility of serious illness and reduce the risk of spreading others.

Baili is harmless to oneself and others.

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