This hospital can detect ultra fast COVID-19. Results in 15 minutes!

Reduce the concerns of medical staff.

Did you know that royal Columbia hospital is the first hospital in British Columbia to use covid-19 rapid test for patients who need emergency and temporary surgery.

In addition to the current testing and screening program, the decision to shift to rapid testing was made after Abbott idnowcovid-19 real-time molecular testing was tested in emergency surgical patients during the second wave of covid-19 pandemic.

According to a press release from Fraser health center, between December 2020 and April 2021, 1100 asymptomatic patients hospitalized for emergency and temporary surgery underwent idnowcvid-19 test.

Patients also received a more routine nasopharyngeal swab test as a comparison standard.

The rapid test detected two covid-19 positive cases.

All two patients were novel coronavirus pneumonia patients who had symptoms during the recovery period after surgery.

The study concluded that idnowcovid-19 immediate molecular detection (rapid detection) can effectively protect staff and patients when emergency surgery is needed and time is urgent.

The results were recently published in Springer nature and the Canadian Journal of anesthesia.

“Ideally, medical staff should know the patient’s infection status in order to adopt the best personal protective equipment, aerosol Minimization Technology and the flow of virus in the hospital,” said Dr.

Tonia tauh, an RCH anesthesiologist and co-author of the study.

“However, the nature of our work does not always give us time to get test results before surgery.” the detection of IDNOW novel coronavirus virus results in 15 minutes.

A more common form of detection is polymerase chain reaction (PCR), which analyzes whether cells from deep nasal cavity have genetic material from the virus.

PCR tests are performed in the laboratory and may take 24 to 72 hours to know the results.


Susan Lee, co-author of the study and anesthesiologist of Royal Columbia hospital, said: “the ability to reverse the test results in minutes rather than hours can help protect our staff and patients and prevent the outbreak of covid-19.” a follow-up study concluded that rapid on-site testing can also enhance the sense of security and morale in the workplace, And reduce concerns related to covid-19.

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