Tongren City Wanshan district free vaccination of COVID-19 vaccine daily announcement

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the most effective weapon to achieve the goal of achieving the goal of achieving the new coverage of the vaccine and the construction of the immune barrier.

Friends of the general public are advised to correctly understand the necessity, safety and importance of vaccination against COVID-19.

For the sake of themselves, for family members and for the country, please meet the inoculation conditions and get the novel coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible.

In September 9th, all the vaccination sites in Wanshan district were vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine: one is the two injection type inactivated vaccine (Vero cell), a total of 10652 agents.

It is used to inoculate first needles of people over 18 years old, first and second needles for 12-17 year olds (including Beijing biology, Chengdu biology and Beijing Kexing Zhongwei applied to 12-17 year olds).

The second is three injections (CHO cells), a total of 1544 doses, which are used to inoculate the second and third injections of people over the age of 18.

The distribution of COVID-19 vaccine in September 9th, list of units, name, address, telephone number and type of vaccine, two needle dosage form (agent) three injection type (agent) temporary inoculation point (rehabilitation hospital) Wanqiao District, Xie Qiao street, Luojia Bay 0856-34637780856-3463715181172 (8:00-16:00 vaccinated vaccine) Xieqiao Street Community Health Service Center Lianhua Avenue, Xieqiao street, Wanshan District 0856-41825581464590 (vaccinated at 14:30-17:00) maternal and child health and Family Planning Service Center No.

298 Fanjingshan Avenue, Xieqiao street, Wanshan District 0856-352194169264 Renshan Street Community Health Service Center zijingyuan, Renshan street, Wanshan District 0856-4120864778272 (vaccinated at 8:30-16:00) Wanshan Town Community Health Service Center Wanshan District Wanshan town rhinoceros well 0856-3235201578168 (vaccinated at 8:30-16:00) gaolouping Township Health Center gaolouping Township street, Wanshan District 137215658178790 (vaccinated at 8:30-16:00) Huangdao Township Health Center   Huangdao Township street, Wanshan District 0856-3527133114214 (vaccinated at 9:00-16:00) aozhai Township Health Center aozhai Township street, Wanshan District 183859073311518580775490724 (vaccinated at 8:30-16:00) Xiaxi Township Health Center Xiaxi Township street, Wanshan District 0856-3528063    1670 Chadian Street Community Health Service Center, Chadian street, Wanshan District 0856-4182192   eight hundred and thirty-four       102 fish pond township hospital, Wanshan District, 0856-5750094130082, Daping Township Health Center, Wanshan District, Wanshan District, Wanshan District, Wanshan District, 0856-523412073056, 13:00-16:30 (vaccination), warm reminder 1.

if you do not know what kind of COVID-19 vaccine you belong to, you can open “Guizhou health code”, “my health card” on the upper right corner, and find “novel coronavirus vaccination”.

Click on.

If “Vero” is displayed, it is inoculated with two needles, and “Cho” is displayed It is a three needle vaccination.


It is recommended to wear loose clothes on the day of vaccination to facilitate vaccination.


Minors aged 12-17 must be accompanied, informed and signed by their guardians before vaccination.

During vaccination, guardians and vaccinators must carry their own ID card or household register.


All vaccinators and their guardians must wear masks, show health code, travel code and measuring body Only after the temperature is normal can we pre check, register and inoculate, and leave after watching for 30 minutes.


Fasting vaccination is not allowed, and those with vaccination contraindications cannot be vaccinated.

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