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guide   What is the stage of the research and development of the vaccine against the mutated virus and the “novel coronavirus specific drug”? When can it be inoculated?   COVID-19 is still experiencing new mutations, and its vaccination is almost faster than 1 billion.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was released in September 7th at the press conference of the State Council’s joint defense and joint control mechanism.

The R & D enterprises and teams including Chinese medicine have been developing the second generation of novel coronavirus vaccine, specially targeting variant viruses, and also have specific drugs for treating novel coronavirus pneumonia.

So, what stage has the research and development of the vaccine against the mutant virus and the “novel coronavirus specific drug” reached? When can it be inoculated? News 1 + 1 connected with Zhang Yuntao, chief scientist of China biology of Sinopharm group, and gave the answer to the above questions.

No.1    How far is the second-generation vaccine from listing? Zhang Yuntao, chief scientist of Sinopharm China biology, introduced that the research and development of vaccine must go through strict preclinical research.

After obtaining clinical approval, it is necessary to systematically carry out phase I, II and III clinical research.

As China’s epidemic prevention and control is relatively good, there are no (large-scale) cases, so the clinical research should be arranged overseas.

After obtaining the clinical approval, we will accelerate the clinical research of variant vaccine overseas.

We hope to obtain relevant data in the middle of next year to promote the listing of vaccines against mutant strains.

No.2    Many places in China are still infected after vaccination.

What do you think? From the outbreak in Guangzhou in late May to another round of epidemic spread rapidly from Nanjing Lukou Airport to many places in the country in late July, many places were still infected after vaccination with the novel coronavirus vaccine.

Is the novel coronavirus vaccine still effective for the mutant strain? Zhang Yuntao said that in human history, there are few anti infection vaccines, and the main role of vaccines is to prevent disease.

From the recent rounds of domestic epidemics, including those in Guangzhou, Nanjing and other places, as long as the whole process immunization is completed – 14 days after two doses of vaccine, the infection is greatly reduced compared with those who do not receive vaccine or do not complete the whole process immunization.

In addition, the protection of vaccine against severe death and moderate symptom onset is also very obvious.

Generally speaking, after vaccination and complete the whole process of immunization, the probability of infection is greatly reduced.

Even if infected, the disease is still mild.

So far, no severe and fatal cases have been found in China.

No.3    Nearly 1 billion people have been vaccinated in China, covering nearly 70% of the country’s population.

Is it still far from mass immunization? Zhang Yuntao said that in order to form mass immunization in China, one is that the vaccinated population should reach a certain base.

In addition, when calculating mass immunization, the data we use are calculated on the premise of ensuring the sustainability of vaccine effectiveness.

The reality is that the global R & D of novel coronavirus vaccine is to develop novel coronavirus vaccine in the shortest time.

No matter what technical route of vaccine, including nucleic acid vaccine, mRNA vaccine, adenovirus vector vaccine, gene recombinant vaccine, including inactivated vaccine, after half a year’s observation, the titer of neutralizing antibody has decreased and the protective power of vaccine has also decreased.

After the decline of vaccine protection, the population forming immune barrier is also changing.

When an effective immune barrier can be formed after such a large-scale vaccination in China, the regulatory authority should make a final judgment according to the observed vaccine efficacy data.

No.4    It may take two or three years for COVID-19 to be effective, Zhang Yuntao said.

At present, global vaccine research and development has entered the hottest stage.

In the process of continuous research and development, more than 100 of the world’s nearly 300 vaccines have entered clinical research, and more than 20 have entered the three phase clinical research.

The vaccine has played a very important role in the global prevention and control of COVID-19.

But at the same time, effective research and development of drugs for COVID-19 is also very important.

Scientists all over the world are working hard to develop a series of drugs to prevent the infection of the novel coronavirus.

At present, the drugs developed by various teams and institutions have successively entered the preclinical and clinical phase I and phase II research stages.

It is estimated that effective drugs may be developed in the next two or three years.

  No.5    Is there an effective drug to stop relying on vaccines? Zhang Yuntao introduced that even with some effective drugs, vaccination is still very important, because vaccine is an effective means to greatly reduce the symptoms of infection and prevent infection, and the main role of drugs is treatment.

Infectious disease is a public health event.

In fact, preventing infection is the most important thing to block infectious diseases.

Drugs are the bottom line after getting sick.

The combination of the two is the most perfect if the infected person can be treated in time.

No.6    At present, booster vaccination is only carried out for key populations.

When will it cover the whole population? Zhang Yuntao said that at present, three groups of people can carry out novel coronavirus vaccine to strengthen vaccination: 1.

Input staff in places with high risk (such as Haiguan, frontier inspection, aviation, isolation points, designated medical institutions and other staff).


People with low immune function and over 60 years old.


Personnel going to overseas high-risk areas or countries.

The use of booster needles was designed in phase I and II clinical studies and phase III overseas clinical studies last year.

From the research design at that time, after vaccination with booster needles, the antibody level of human body should increase significantly, which should be mentioned at least 5 to 10 times.

Especially, the interval between the second and third needles is more than 6 months, and a very high antibody level should be obtained.

At present, the second dose of vaccine in China has not been completed, so we should carry out booster vaccination in key populations and special populations.

In the future, after these people get more research data, I think China will gradually promote the use of the third needle to the whole population.

No.7    Can the third injection of the novel coronavirus vaccine be inoculated with different brands? Zhang Yuntao said that in terms of China’s novel coronavirus vaccine guidelines, the first two injections must be given a, and the third must also be given a; Whether the first two needles can hit a and the third needle can hit B is a topic of great concern.

COVID-19 not occur even in a hundred years.

All kinds of technological routes and innovative routes are developing novel coronavirus vaccines.

The state should encourage sequential and cross vaccinations of vaccines on various routes, but this vaccination is strictly regulated.

First, the two sequential vaccines are listed conditionally in China; Second, the safety and immunogenicity of these two vaccines should be systematically observed in animals when studying sequential vaccination; Third, after the implementation, an application should be submitted to the national regulatory authority.

In this way, the two conditional vaccines can carry out effective clinical trials in humans.

After obtaining effective clinical trials, the strategy of “a” and “B” can be implemented only with the approval of the national regulatory authorities and on the premise of effectiveness and safety.

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