Vietnam shares with China novel coronavirus pneumonia control experience. Chinese foreign minister to visit Vietnam

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Ruan Qinglong, director of the Vietnamese health ministry, held a video chat with the director of the national health and Health Committee of China on 9 June.

He exchanged views on some issues with the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work on the afternoon of the afternoon of.

Xiong Bo, Chinese ambassador to Vietnam, attended the event.

China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work has been invaluable to Ruan Qinglong.

Ma Xiaowei believes that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the two sides have exchanged views on epidemic prevention and control.

Under the situation of novel coronavirus pneumonia, the video chat held today is of great significance in sharing the experience and information of novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control, and is helpful to promote effective epidemic prevention.

Ruan Qinglong and Ma Xiaowei have exchanged views with experts on the epidemic prevention and control strategies, business and technical measures, especially large-scale testing and screening between Vietnam and China.

China has shared its valuable experience in organizing large-scale testing modes to ensure testing quality.

Like Vietnam, China has actively monitored medical institutions, entry-exit areas and other high-risk areas and sampled and tested staff in the area.

The two sides also shared their experience in the classification and treatment of patients with novel coronaviruss.

With regard to the treatment strategy, both China and Vietnam focus on the treatment of severe patients and send experts to the area of severe patients for treatment.

Both sides agreed to establish channels to learn from each other’s experience in the future, so as to strengthen effective cooperation.

Duan Keyue, deputy spokesman of Vietnam’s Ministry of foreign affairs, answered questions on China’s foreign minister Wang Yi’s upcoming visit to Vietnam.

China’s State Councilor and foreign minister Wang Yi is going to pay an official visit to Vietnam.

During the visit, he will co chair the 13th meeting of the Vietnam China bilateral cooperation Steering Committee with the executive vice premier of the Vietnamese government, fan pingming, hold talks with Vietnamese foreign minister Pei Qingshan, and pay a courtesy visit to Vietnamese leaders.

In response to a reporter’s question about Wang Yi’s visit to Vietnam at the regular press conference of the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs held online on September 9, Duan KeYue, vice spokesman of the Vietnamese Ministry of foreign affairs, said that the purpose of Wang Yi’s visit and hosting the above-mentioned meeting is to continue to promote the development of Vietnam China comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership, achieve new achievements and bring benefits to the two peoples, Make efforts for the peace, stability, cooperation and development of the two countries, regions and even the world.

With regard to the 13th meeting of the steering committee of China Vietnam bilateral cooperation, Duan KeYue said that this is an annual meeting between the two countries.

At this meeting, the two sides will exchange views on issues and relevant measures in bilateral relations, aimed at solving obstacles and difficulties and promoting the continuous development of China Vietnam relations.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control will be a focus of exchange of views between the two sides.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is being launched in Vietnam.

Duan Keyue said at a regular press conference held in August 4, 2021 that the Ministry of health has issued a guide to isolated medical observation for two doses of vaccine or novel coronavirus pneumonia and entry into Vietnam.

In order to ensure the two goals of epidemic prevention and promoting economic and social development, the deputy spokesman of the Ministry of foreign affairs of Vietnam is promoting various work, ensuring the early implementation of vaccine passports and the adjustment of entry-exit regulations, so as to create more convenient conditions for foreign experts, workers and foreign investors to invest in Vietnam; Study and try out the closed-loop tourism plan for foreign tourists who have completed two doses of vaccination and entered Vietnam.

Regarding the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control and social security work in Hu Zhiming, Duke Yue said that despite many difficulties and epidemic situation still grim and complicated, at present, the epidemic prevention and control work in Hu Zhiming city has positive signals.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work in Hu Zhiming and Vietnam has been valued and supported by international friends and the international community.

It is also very grateful to all countries, international friends and partners for their help and support for the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus pneumonia situation in Vietnam.

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