Xinguan column 81: safety management of Pfizer bionttechcovid-19 vaccine after rapid reaction after the first dose of vaccination

Safe administration of the Pfizer – biont tech covid – 19 vaccine following an immediate reaction to the first dose it is reported that 4.7 cases have a rapid allergic reaction to Pfizer – biont tech vaccine (PBV) in every 1 million injections.

Kessel et al reported the clinical characteristics of patients with rapid response after the first dose of PBV, and noted that most of these patients had only mild or asymptomatic symptoms when receiving the second dose.

Conclusion: we suggest that routine SPT of vaccine or peg is not necessary for patients with mild to moderate rapid response to the first dose of PBV.

Consideration should be given to injecting these patients with a second dose of vaccine under appropriate medical supervision.

(translated by Luan Ge and Zhang Weixiao)“.