Do you want to play COVID-19 vaccine? Is it safe? How effective Authoritative response from the State Council’s joint prevention and control

The Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council held a press conference in Beijing on December 21st to introduce the situation of winter and spring epidemic prevention and control and vaccination of key populations.

The top priority of current epidemic prevention and control is to prevent external input and internal rebound.

For key populations, in addition to vaccination, it is also necessary to persistently take personal protection measures; For new sporadic cases or Disease cluster, one case should be found and eliminated to ensure no large-scale input and rebound.

In the process of fighting against the COVID-19, the majority of scientific and technological workers have strengthened scientific research in the treatment, vaccine research and development, prevention and control, and made outstanding contributions to the epidemic prevention and control.

We pay tribute to them.

New Year’s Day and Spring Festival are approaching, so please always adhere to personal protection and make reasonable arrangements for holiday travel.

Is the COVID-19 vaccine developed in China safe? How is the effect? 01:57 △ The safety and effectiveness of vaccines are of great concern to everyone, and the safety and effectiveness of vaccines are also the two key quality indicators for evaluating vaccines.

Generally speaking, the safety of vaccines refers to after vaccination, Whether our target audience will experience adverse reactions and whether there will be serious adverse reactions.

If there will be no serious adverse reactions, we generally believe that the vaccine is safe.

The Phase I, Phase II and Phase III clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccine in China, as well as the emergency vaccination of nearly one million people who have been carried out under the premise of voluntary informed consent according to laws and regulations, fully demonstrate that COVID-19 vaccine in China is very safe, with some minor adverse reactions, but no serious adverse reactions.

Meanwhile, during our emergency use, more than 60000 vaccine recipients have visited high-risk areas overseas, and we have not received any reports of a serious infection case to date.

This also proves from another perspective that our vaccine has a certain protective effect.

Where do the current local cases come from? 00:23 △ Wu Zunyou, the chief epidemiological expert of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, has made a clear judgment on the past few outbreaks