Qujiang District Carries out Large scale Practice of COVID-19 Nucleic acid test

In order to effectively improve the ability of the whole district to deal with the outbreak of the epidemic, ensure timely, effective, scientific and accurate nucleic acid sampling and detection of all staff in an emergency, and quickly stop the spread of the epidemic, Qujiang District carried out a large-scale practical drill of COVID-19 Nucleic acid test in the morning of August 27, with the participation of district leaders Fang Ning.

The drill was carried out in the form of “on-site explanation+actual combat”, simulating the discovery of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Zhangtan Street.

After receiving the epidemic report, the district leading group (headquarters) for joint prevention and control of COVID-19 held an emergency meeting, and decided to implement closed management and COVID-19 Nucleic acid test for all staff in Zhangtan Street according to the relevant work plan.

After receiving the instructions, the Zhangtan Subdistricts of China responded quickly and urgently implemented the personnel sampling, township control, traffic control, and site layout of sampling points.

According to the testing sequence, quickly organize corresponding personnel within the jurisdiction to conduct nucleic acid sampling in an orderly manner by region, time period, and batch.

At the exercise site of the first junior high school in Qujiang District, the sampling points were divided into areas such as entrances and exits, temperature measurement and code verification areas, information registration areas, buffer areas, nucleic acid sampling areas, temporary isolation points, and medical treatment points according to different functions.

Residents wait for the inspection in an orderly manner after temperature measurement and code verification, and staff members collect and register the identity information of the tested individuals in groups of 10.

After the information registration is completed, three nucleic acid sampling groups start sampling simultaneously.

Medical staff, in accordance with the sampling technical specifications, professionally and proficiently collect throat swabs from the subjects.

The collected samples are disinfected, labeled, boxed, transported, and sent for testing according to the sample transportation requirements.

Finally, the staff once again carried out an all-round, no dead angle disinfection and sterilization of the site.

With the efficient cooperation of the staff, the various links of this drill were tightly connected, and the drill site was in good order.

The relevant person in charge of the Qujiang District Health Bureau introduced: “The purpose of this exercise is to improve the organization, coordination, and testing capabilities of large-scale nucleic acid sampling in Qujiang District, and also to provide a demonstration and training for various townships and departments to carry out testing.

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