What should we pay attention to in the second shot of COVID-19 vaccine? 8 hot question and answer questions have arrived

Up to now, the country has reported more than 200 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine! For COVID-19 Vaccine, Yichang citizens have these questions: “Where did I take the first shot of COVID-19 vaccine and the second shot?” “Does the effect of the second shot after more than 28 days of the first shot affect the effect of the second shot?” “Which kind of COVID-19 Inactivated vaccine is better than the recombinant COVID-19 vaccine?”……

Experts from the Institute of Immunization and Prevention of Yichang Center for Disease Control answer one by one ↓↓↓↓ I took the first shot of COVID-19 Inactivated vaccine, Where is the second shot taken? A: According to the current COVID-19 vaccination plan, in April, the shelter vaccination spots are mainly for the key groups of the unit, while the community COVID-19 vaccination spots are mainly for the citizens to receive the second dose.

Therefore, citizens who need to receive a second dose should consult with the vaccination site where the first dose is administered.

Yichang urban area provides citizens with the second shot of COVID-19 vaccination ▼ The first shot has been taken for more than 28 days.

What should we do if we can’t make an appointment? A: At present, the COVID-19 vaccine is in a tight supply, and priority should be given to people who have received the first dose for more than 45 days to receive the second dose.

People who have received the first dose of vaccine for 28 days do not need to worry.

Recently, COVID-19 Inactivated vaccine has been distributed to community vaccination sites.

Each vaccination site will take the initiative to contact the target who needs the second dose of vaccine in combination with the supply of vaccine, and reasonably arrange the time for the second dose of vaccine.

Does it affect the effectiveness of the second injection after the first injection has been given for more than 28 days? Answer: People who have already received the first dose do not need to worry.

The interval between the two doses of vaccine is between 28 and 56 days.

As long as the second dose is administered within this time period, the effect is guaranteed.

The first dose of COVID-19 Inactivated vaccine administered by Wuhan Institute of Sinopharm Group, can the second dose of Inactivated vaccine administered by other manufacturers? Answer: Try to vaccinate the second dose with the same product as the first dose.

However, due to the influence of unified supply and distribution across the province, the vaccine manufacturers used in Yichang may be different.

Citizens do not have to wait for a manufacturer’s vaccine.

The second dose can also be inoculated with the COVID-19 Inactivated vaccine of Sinopharm Group Beijing Institute, and the Inactivated vaccine of Sinovac Sinovac coronavirus.

What will happen if the COVID-19 Inactivated vaccine is not given a second shot? Answer: It is difficult to achieve the best immune effect and persistence without completing two full doses of vaccination.

Which is better, COVID-19 Inactivated vaccine or recombinant COVID-19 vaccine? Answer: Both types of vaccines have good safety and immune effects, and can provide good protection.

The occurrence of common adverse reactions is basically similar